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In Transit

overcast 20 °C

Blue plastic chairs
All in a row,
Three hundred people
Waiting to go.

A hungry baby cries,
In spite of mothers tired eyes.

The scene is uninspiring,
Though not for want of trying.

We look we listen
And wait,
for that final
Airport gate

As time moves on
Just bit by bit
Glance left and say
"I hate this shit".

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To open...

sunny 35 °C

A man in a bar once told me: "Travel. Learn some shit. Write stuff down".

You, my brief acquaintance, are an inspiration.

While I can't quite remember his name or face, I distinctly remember his advice. And though he may not have been the first to suggest travel, in words of such grace and style, he certainly brought the idea into the fore. I have since made plans for a rough route that takes in the America's, North and South, the Europe, the Middle East and the Asia. The rest will be decided by financial tides and motivational winds - the guiding elements of the modern nomad.

So as I wade through the accumulated mass that represents 23 years of being, I wonder how I will ever condense my life into one backpack and one snowboard bag. The snowboard bag pretty much speaks for itself. And the backpack?

One shirt, one singlet,
One pair of shoes.
A cheap pair of sunnies
That i'm sure to lose.

Pack something warm,
Pack something cool,
That is essentially
The basic rule

A $2 watch
To tell the time,
My pad, my pen
And this nonsense rhyme

Zip it up,
Lock it down,
The maiden flight
Has left the ground.

In the beginning, I make my way to Canada and attempt to solve the first of my unanswered questions: How much wood would a Woodchuck chuck, if a Woodchuck could chuck wood?


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